About ASB Freight

ASB Service Excellence

ASB Freight was incorporated on July 2002 as a customs house brokerage company primarily to provide all land side services to the export and import industry. In 2009 we extended the services as fully fledged freight forwarding company with the concept of being the cargo partner for export import industry providing total logistics solutions. Since then we have been growing rapidly for last 20 years and has become a strong player in logistics industry in Sri Lanka. ASB Freight is a "CLASS A" licensed freight forwarding Company in Sri Lanka. And we are member of SLFFA (Sri Lanka Logistics and Freight Forwarders Association) and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association)

Our vision is to be the noble cargo partner for the export and Import industry in Sri Lanka where we provide the total logistics solutions to our clients all times. Our mission and primary objectives.

Our clients are engaged in various types of businesses and we handle from Garments / Yarn / Tea / Rubber / Fibre / Aviation products / Machinery / Paper / Construction Equipment / Flavours / Equipment / Perishables, etc...

Our primary objectives are,

  • To maintain a fully developed network of agents in all geographical areas in which we operate.
  • Flexible and personalized service.
  • Efficiency, Security and cost effectiveness for our clients.
  • To have full control of the flow of goods at all times.
  • To propose new solutions for clients.
  • Transportation solutions for Cross Trading Business.
  • Be a key service provider for Sri Lanka’s infrastructure development.

Our vision is to be the best Cargo Partner for the Export and Import Industry in Sri Lanka where we provide the best logistics solutions to our clients at all times.